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Deering Deluxe Banjo Walnut

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The Deluxe is a world class banjo with a look, feel and sound that will rival any other, but with a price tag that won't get you in too much trouble with your wife (or husband). Hand built by the fine folks at the Deering Banjo Company, you'll get the highest quality parts, which unlike any other banjo company, Deering makes themselves under their own ceiling. A comfortably fast mahogany neck, a fine 3-ply maple rim, and a professional bell bronze tone ring are precisely fitted to create the basis of this powerful instrument. It's finished to a high gloss and adorned with simple yet elegant pearl neck inlays on the ebony fingerboard. With a classic bright and warm bluegrass sound, this tool's got the volume, presence, versatility, and crack that a demanding professional would love and a price tag a weekend picker would love as well. Includes a deluxe hard shell case and a custom setup for you by your friends at Steilberg String Instruments.

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