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Taylor GS Mini-e Maple Bass w/ Gigbag

Price: $799.99
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This model is currently on order and is due to show up ANYTIME in the near future.  You can have the next one that arrives at our shop for a deposit of half down.  Due to Covid-19, all manufacturers are working to fill backorders with wait times longer than usual for all orders.  We have a great selection of instruments in stock at our store with many models on order as well.  Give us a call if you have any questions or to put this instrument on reserve – you can have the very next one!  We include a free setup too!

The GS Mini-e Maple Bass is a remarkably inviting small scale acoustic/electric bass that is lightweight, compact, and very easy on the hands.  With a condensed 23 1/2" scale length it is about 10" shorter than the standard bass scale length.  It uses custom phosphor bronze wrapped nylon core strings designed by D'Addario which feel very slinky and easy to play and have a great tone!  It is also equipped with a great sounding pickup so you are ready to plug in.  Includes a deluxe gigbag and a custom setup by your friends at Steilberg String Instruments.


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