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Deering Golden Wreath

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By popular demand, Deering introduced a Mahogany version of the pre-war "Classic" style banjo a few years back and it's been incredibly popular ever since. With a very full, loud crack and the sustain and depth that you'd expect from a banjo of this variety, the Golden Wreath offers the finest of Deering's workmanship and all of the California-based builder's highly advanced and improved design. Deering's own 20-hole bell- bronze tone ring is paired with the 3-ply maple rim - both of which (and everything else - except for the tuners and head) are made under Deering's own roof - How many banjo makers can claim that? A terrific bluegrass banjo, the Golden Wreath will be a sound investment and a fun partner for a lifetime. Includes a deluxe hard shell case and a custom setup for you by your friends at Steilberg String Instruments.

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