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Folk Instruments

Quality Folk Instruments in Louisville, KY

There is something majestic about picking up folk instruments in Louisville, KY, and playing them. These are the types of instruments that form the backbone of Appalachian music. From ukuleles, dulcimers, and harmonicas to autoharps, banjos, and bouzoukis, these earthy instruments bring to life the true sound and soul of the Bluegrass State.

When you are looking to purchase one of these folk instruments, it is important for you to know that you are getting a quality instrument that is easy to play. The staff at Steilberg String Instruments is ready to help you find that perfect selection to meet your needs. We carry only the finest in instruments from the brands you have come to trust.

Whether you are looking for an introductory piece to begin your musical journey, or want that heirloom instrument that can be passed down and played for generations, our shop has got you covered. Take a look below to browse all of the different categories of folk instruments we have to offer, including:




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